Fox mancha Obama

Como é suja a política norte americana, e principalmente o canal de televisão FOX News (do movimento MoveOn):
FOX's longtime pattern of smearing Obama and the black community is well documented.1 But the outrageous moments have increased in the last month.

First, a paid FOX commentator accidentally confused "Obama" with "Osama" and then joked on the air about killing Obama.2 Next, a FOX anchor said a
playful fist bump by Barack and Michelle Obama could be a "terrorist fist jab."3 And then, FOX called Michelle Obama "Obama's baby mama"-slang for
an unmarried mother of a man's child, and a clear attempt to associate the Obamas with negative stereotypes about black people.4

If you know others who'd find FOX's recent actions despicable, please ask them to sign the petition too. The more people who sign, the bigger our
impact will be.

Our friends at ColorOfChange.org-an online advocacy group focused on the issues of importance to the black community-are leading this charge. They
have already collected nearly 100,000 names to deliver as a group to FOX's headquarters (in front of other media cameras, so FOX feels more heat).
Here's how they describe the situation:

After each of the incidents mentioned [above], FOX issued some form of weak apology. But what does it mean when you slap someone in the face,
apologize the next day, then slap them again? It means the apology is meaningless.

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