Entretanto, as eleições americanas

I’m a longtime Barack Obama supporter, and the convention reinforced my feeling. His performance at the forum was careful and specific, not letting his charisma shine through, but he was enormously compelling in a breakout session afterward. Obama gets what it’s like to live in a complicated world, because he encapsulates a complicated world all by himself: American mother, Kenyan father, born in Hawaii, lived for four years in Indonesia as a child, educated at Harvard, trained as a street organizer in Chicago. He has an incremental but ambitious health care plan, and was anti-war from the start. Still, I’d be absolutely thrilled to support any of Obama/Clinton/Edwards against any of the embarrassments currently in contention for the Republican nomination. It’s an incredibly strong Democratic field, which is something I never thought I’d see.
(Sean Carroll)

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Moacy Cirne disse...

Oi, como essa é a a primeira vez que apareço por aqui, deixei comentários diversos em várias postagens, de Lula ao Cristo, passando por Chico e o Sporting. Gostei do que vi e li. Um abraço.